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General Practice Positions

General Practice is the interface between the community and the healthcare system and is often the first point of contact.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), Australian College of Rural and Remote Health (ACRRM) and the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP) are all world renowned and oversee General Practice across the Asia Pacific region.

Permanent positions are available and are under a fee for service model, with a split in percentage of billings being commonplace. Earnings of $250,000k to $500,000k per annum are reasonable to expect once settled into a position.

An earning guarantee to allow a transition period is often offered to reflect the nature of the fee for service arrangements.

Locum positions are often a fee for service with percentage of billing split usually of 60-70% and again will come with a guarantee often of at least $100-120 per hour.

Opportunities are available in private practices, immigration centres, military bases and urgent care clinics.


Why should you consider Permanent or Locum General Practice work?

We offer permanent and locum General practice positions in all states and territories ranging from one shift to six months on one job. Discover working in different work locations whether it’s the city or rural areas of Australia. If you are interested in traveling internationally, we also have working opportunities in Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Asia, Canada, Europe, and the USA. 

General Practice locum and permanent work rates are high and competitive. We strive to negotiate with our clients the highest paying rates for our doctors until all parties are satisfied. Competitive locum market rates start from $1,500 and up to $4,000 a day, contact us for more information on General Practice locum rates. With high paying rates earn a liveable income via full-time or part-time work. We have a variety of roles available for locum and permanent doctors for example GP Obstetrics (GP OBS), GP Anaesthetics (GP ANAE), GP Emergency (GP ED / GP Emergency) etc.

Our current General Practice locums have been raving about the opportunities to travel and work simultaneously. Explore the different work sceneries and conditions and add these working locum experiences to your portfolio.


Additional services we provide to a General Practice Locum

We also provide additional services available for our General Practice Locums. If you are interested in exploring different roles, we have individual dedicated members on our team who can assist with all other areas of medical specialties including Anaesthetists, General Medicine, Rural and Remote Health, Psychiatry, Obstetrics, and Paediatrics.


Why should you work as a General Practice Locum at 1Medical?

Our dedicated General Practice consultants – Verity Batt, Joshua Lees, Nik Kalikajaros and Jessica Missio are highly experienced in placing candidates in General Practice locum and permanent positions.

Contact the GP team via email on for more information. 

Service is our number one priority; we aim to make the process seamless for our doctors and clients as much as possible.

  • Online Paperless locum credentialing system that can be completed via your smartphone
  • Visa/immigration support including 482 visas and permanent residency available for working locum and permanent doctors.
  • Travel and logistics support by our travel company to support you with flights, car hire, and accommodation
  • Create a work-life balance for your study and personal time
  • Flexible locum opportunities


United Kingdom

GP Specialty Training (GPST) training in the UK is coordinated by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)



In the Republic of Ireland, the GP Specialist training body is the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP)


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