Why work with 1Medical? The question should be why not?

Despite their claims, no agency really has any truly unique selling points or USP’s.

However, 1Medical have all features a doctor needs and we do them better than the rest.

We have structured 1Medical to ensure each and every candidate that works with us is provided the highest level of service from all of our consultants, across all areas of healthcare.

Here are 10 reasons to work with us.

Our team comprises of the leading medical recruitment experts in the country

Many of the team have in excess of 6/7 years’ experience in medical recruitment and several have over a decade of experience

  • Some doctors have worked with individuals in our team for over 12 years now.

Each consultant specialises in their own area of medicine

  • By structuring our locum team in the same way that you specialise we can provide doctors with a breadth of knowledge & network in each sector.
  • This structure also leads to long-lasting relationships with departments and directors enabling you to get the first refusal on opportunities and access to roles our competitors may not have
  • This removes the element of fighting against the locum market if you can forward plan

We are proactive, not reactive

  • As opposed to continually sending mailshots we prefer to take your requirements and find the right locum or permanent options that suit you best

We have access to exclusive work options with our preferred clients

  • Especially at a department level

As a smaller team we can provide a personalised service

  • Although no longer really a small team, we still offer a highly personalised service
  • As a doctor you will only deal with one specific consultant for all your locum work
  • Our ethos is “service is everything” and we will retain this mindset as we grow.

We offer all main services for locum support

  • Full credentialing, compliance, and logistics support
  • Paperless, online credentialing portal (F2F / Flows2Forms)
  • Locum and permanent options across all states and territories
  • Weekly payroll via all options including living away from home arrangements
  • Facilitation of work visas (mainly 482 visas), access to PR (Permanent Residency)
  • International locum and permanent positions in other countries (IRL, UK, NZ)

We provide accredited training courses for doctors

  • As a locum you will need regular course updated
  • We run ALS2 courses accredited by the Australia Resus Council
  • More course types are planned to include PAL courses
  • We offer exclusive ALS Course discounts for our doctors

We have a sustainable approach to both business and the environment.

  • All locum doctors have their carbon emissions offset via GreenFleet a Not-for-profit Tree Planting charity
  • We regularly sponsor various other charities including animal / environmental and healthcare-related
  • We are here for the long term and act accordingly in all our dealings.

We have an international presence – work in NZ, IRL, and the UK

  • We have an office in Ireland and are soon to be opening an office in New Zealand

We offer permanent opportunities as well as locum

  • We can source permanent positions, including training posts, around the country and overseas

We can offer a full permanent service including:

  • Prepare for locum work while in current role
  • Locum for 6/12/18/24+ months
  • Locate locum, fixed term or permanent opportunities before fully re-entering the longer term permanent workforce.
  • Assist with negotiations on your behalf for the final position

We eat, sleep, and breathe medical recruitment ….

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