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Team Profile - Benjamin Lepke - Manager | Emergency Medicine

clock icon Published Monday, December 9, 2019 / By 1M 1Medical

As part of our 1Medical Team Profile we speak with Benjamin Lepke - Manager | Emergency Medicine to learn more about him and his work:

How long have you worked in medical recruitment?

A total of nearly 12 years starting in 2006 when I first moved to Australia, bright eyed and bushy tailed at the age of 18.

After a small hiatus back to the homeland (UK) I returned to Australia in 2009 and have consistently been in the medical recruitment market since.

What is it that you like about working in medical recruitment?

There are a lot of aspects about medical recruitment I enjoy but the continual challenge of ensuring that all doctors and hospitals receive the utmost level of service is what really motivates me.

Juggling multiple doctors’ dates, trying to locate them the perfect position, while ensuring all the credentialing and logistics are in place for each locum stint can be full on but I genuinely enjoy it.

It’s important to ensure that all doctors know what they need to do upon arrival at each location as this is a simple matter that can cause many issues if overlooked.

However, the main thing I love about work is becoming friends with a lot of doctors over the years – some of which I have been working with for a decade now. Its great to have been part of their careers as they progress from being junior to senior doctors. There are some that have become ED Directors and I’m assisting them find doctors for the departments that they oversee.  

I feel very lucky to have a role that allows me to make acquaintances and friends outside of my social circle.

What specific sector do you cover?

Emergency Medicine, Rural Medicine (ACRRM/RACGP), Critical Care and Pre-hospital/Retrieval Medicine across Australasia.

This involves mainly working with the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM), due to the nature of how doctors in Australia and New Zealand are often multi skilled, with GP’s having strong emergency and procedural skills, our work also includes involvement with the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). 

What are the current market trends / outlook for your sector?

The demand for locum and permanent doctors is always high in Emergency Medicine. We tend to find the location where doctors are required is constantly varying as hospitals go through different phases of staffing stability.

There is an increase in need for Emergency Specialists (FACEMs) being sought for work in regional hospitals. Due to the challenges of securing these senior doctors this increases the need for Advanced Trainee / In Charge non specialists willing & capable to take a more in charge position.

Recently I’ve started to see some PGY2 / Resident level work which allows doctors of this level to trial locum work before potentially committing to a longer period when they reach PGY3 level.

What are the main skill sets that are in need?

There is a need at all levels in emergency from junior doctor / Resident Medical Officer (RMO) through Registrar level and up to Staff Specialist (FACEM).

Due to the nature of regional hospitals and staffing challenges we require doctors willing to work at their level of seniority and with a willingness to travel.

Hospitals are taking precedent of doctors willing to work longer blocks to ensure continuity of care and lowering travel costs, therefore this is preferred when travelling to more regional places.

What are the main locations you’re searching for?

Work is available across all states and territories in Australia and we also have a high demand in New Zealand.

Most of the need is in non-metro hospitals, therefore we are always seeking doctors willing to work in more regional locations.

I’m currently filling a lot of coastal based positions which doctors tend to enjoy as it gives the opportunity to combine a holiday within a locum.

Locum is clearly a need but what about the permanent prospects in your sector?

Various hospitals across the country are looking for full time permanent Emergency doctors from PGY3 level up to specialist level.

There are also training positions available in various states for Primary and Advanced Trainees – sometimes with the opportunity of rotational terms in Anaesthetics & ICU.

6 to 12 month terms are regularly available for Retrieval Medicine, which is a great option for critical care doctors looking for a different experience. These positions are mostly accredited with the Emergency, Anaesthetics and ICU colleges.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

With the recent arrival of a baby daughter my weekends have rapidly changed from travelling around NSW in a camper van to changing nappies! However, I wouldn’t change this for the world!

Why should a doctor or client contact you today?

I enjoy speaking with new people and would love to speak with you about your requirements.

By taking a consultative approach, I get to understand exactly what a doctor is looking for which allows me to go to market, locate suitable options and present back ideas – as opposed to just sending lists of vacancies.

I find this approach works the best and allows for a much more successful locum placement.

Get in touch today and give me a challenge!

Thank you for your time today, Ben.

Ben can be reached on directly on +61 403 585 665, or by making an enquiry here:

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