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1Medical - COVID-19 Request

clock icon Published Wednesday, March 18, 2020 / By 1M 1Medical

We would like to emphasise our endless appreciation for you and the rest of the incredible healthcare workforce who sit on the front line everyday.

Under normal conditions, there is significant demand in the medical locum market but this is now impacted in various ways including:

  • New COVID-19 clinics in operation requiring many staff.
  • Doctors cancelling planned leave to continue in their permanent positions.
  • Travel plans being cancelled, meaning doctors now potentially have more availability.
  • The introduction of the 14 day self isolation rules, temporarily taking some Doctors out of action.
  • Significant roster changes caused by all of the above.

We are seeking to hear from doctors on our database who are able to provide any additional availability to assist over the coming months.

If you feel you can help in any way please click contact us below, write a short message, add your phone number and we will be in touch very quickly.

Alternatively contact your usual 1Medical consultant directly.

Thank you for your assistance in these challenging times.